STBC editorial

The Tunisian Society of Clinical Biology (STBC) welcomes you on its website.

The members of the STBC Board are pleased to present you succinctly the society' its activity and its current role at the national and international level.

The STBC was created in 1981 thanks to a team of dedicated biologists. Following the visa granted by the Ministry of Interior under number B1290/1 dated 22/7/1981 and approving its statutes as a non-profit science diffusion association.

The objective of the founders was to promote and disseminate medical biology science through the exchange of information and the development of continuing education as well as the active contribution to the development of the practice of this specialty.

During its 28 years of activities, the STBC has been able to 'bring together and mobilize all biologists' regardless of their specialty or their mode of practice.

Over the years, the STBC has acquired more and more notoriety among its members, the regulatory authorities, regional and international federations and its industrial partners. However, given the rapid advances in biology and the increasingly recognized responsibilities of the biologist, the STBC must, at this stage of its maturity, preserve what it has acquired and develop its activities in line with the evolution of biology.

A more rigorous and collegial management of the society's activities imposes itself now. Several measures have been taken to this end:

The strengthening of the Tunisian Journal of Clinical Biology by the appointment since July 2000 of a permanent Editorial Committee, the revision of its content and the regularity of its publications.

The creation of a "Continuing Education" section bringing together 18 biologists from different specialties and exercise modes, whose task is to draw up the annual scientific program, including the themes selected for national days.

The STBC's website will allow all biologists and all interested parties to access specialized information, in particular:

  • To take part in the life of the Society.
  • To develop exchanges between society and scientists.
  • To update the knowledge generated by recent relevant developments.

We therefore expect a massive membership from you whether you are a scientific biologist or any other person showing an interest in clinical biology.