Scientific program


Thursday, February 18th, 2021

09:00-10:30: XXXIVth National Days of Clinical Biology Pre-Conference : XIIth Molecular Biology Course
                        Moderators: Taieb Ben Messaoud (Tunisia), Amina Bibi (Tunisia)
09:00-09:40: Next-generation sequencing and its applications in clinical biology

                        Maurizio Ferrari (Italy)
09:40-10:20: Nutrigenetics and metabolic diseases, obesity and cardiovascular diseases

                        Frédéric Fumeron (France)
10:20-10:30: Discussion

10:30-11:30: Mindray Workshop: Mindray total solution for laboratories
11:30-12:30: Roche Workshop: Place of biomarkers in SARS-CoV-2 infection
12:30-14:00: Break
14:00-14:30: Opening EFLM/AFCB Conference “Laboratory Medicine for Mobile Societies” and welcome addresses

                        Michael Neumaier (LM4MS Steering Committee), Taieb Ben Messaoud (STBC President),
                        Ana-Maria Simundic (EFLM President), Osama Najjar (AFCB President), Khosrow Adeli (IFCC President),
Alexander Haliassos (LM4MS Steering Committe)
14:30-16:00: Symposium 1: Epidemiology and common health care interventions

                        Moderators: Adnen El Khatib (Syria), Alexander Haliassos (Greece), Samir Ennigrou (Tunisia)
          14:30-14:50: Towards a new eldorado?
                                  Myrna Germanos (Lebanon)
          14:50-15:10: Management of an exceptional situation in a particular context
                                  Mohamed Soussi (Tunisia)
          15:10-15:30: The silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance in the GCC countries and MENA region
                                  Hosam Zowawi (KSA)
          15:30-15:50: COVID-19 in Palestine: clinical and epidemiological issues
                                  Rania Abu Seir (Palestine)
          15:50-16:00: Discussion
16:00-16:30: Break / e-posters
16:30-17:00: Plenary lecture 1: Mobile societies in the digitalization era: A structural challenge to laboratory medicine

                        Michael Neumaier (Germany)
                        Moderators: Michael Neumaier (Germany), Osama Najjar (Palestine), Zied Aouni (Tunisia)
17:00-18:00: C4 Diagnostics Workshop: Development of a Salivary molecular rapid diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2


Friday, February 19th, 2021

09:00-09:30: Plenary lecture 2: Migration and genetics
                        Pierre Zalloua (Lebanon)
                        Moderators: Christian Haddad (Lebanon), Slama Hmida (Tunisia)
09:30-11:00: Symposium 2: Migration and emerging infectious diseases

                        Moderators: Adekunle Okesina (Nigeria),Karim Aoun (Tunisia), Layachi Chabraoui (Morocco)
          09:30-09:50: Screening sexually transmitted viral infections among migrants in Algeria
                                  Salima Bouzeghoub (Algeria)
          09:50-10:10: Impact of uncontrolled immigration and the influx of refugees on the epidemiological profile of tropical parasitic pathologies in host countries
                                  Badre Eddine Lmimouni (Morocco)
          10:10-10:30: Tuberculosis in EMRO and Europe Regions
                                  Ghassan Shannan (Syria)
          10:30-10:50: Imported malaria: Tunisian experience
                                  Aïcha Kallel (Tunisia)
          10:50-11:00: Discussion

11:00-11:30: Break / e-posters
11:30-13:00: Symposium 3: Laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19

                        Moderators: Abdelhalim Chachou (Algeria), Ilhem Boutiba (Tunisia), Sergio Bernardini (Italy)
          11:30-11:50: Covid-19 Outbreak
                                  Sergio Bernardini (Italy)
          11:50-12:10: Quality and clinical use of POCT for COVID-19
                                  Sverre Sandberg (Norway), Mette C. Tollånes (Norway)
          12:10-12:30: Mobile testing of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Germany: status and perspectives
                                  Michael Neumaier (Germany)
          12:30-12:50: Novel molecular diagnostic test SARS-CoV-2 at the point of care
                                  Electra Gizelli (Greece)
          12:50-13:00: Discussion
13:00-14:30: Break / e-posters
14:30-15:00: Plenary lecture 3: An evidence-based approach for the management of COVID-19 in Tunisia: the key role of INEA Santé

                        Chokri Hammouda (Tunisia)
                        Moderators: Abdelhalim Trabelsi (Tunisia), Anwar Borai (KSA), Sverre Sandberg (Norway)
15:00-16:30: Symposium 4: Migration and drug addiction

                        Moderators: Nabil Ben Salah (Tunisia), Abderrazek Hedhili (Tunisia), Jean-Pierre Goullé (France)
          15:00-15:20: Overview of the situation in Greece: physical and mental health perspectives for migrants and refugees living at the camps, detention and hospitality centers.
                                  Chryssa Botsi (Greece), Foteini Savvopoulou (Greece)
          15:20-15:40: Migrants and drugs: a European perspective
                                  Klaudia Palczak (EMCDDA)
          15:40-16:00: Illicit drugs in France: epidemiological aspects
                                  Jean-Pierre Goullé (France)
          16:00-16:20: The health of migrants: the Tunisian experience between reality and perspective
                                  Henda Chebbi (Tunisia), Nabil Ben Salah (Tunisia), Abderrazek Hedhili (Tunisia)
          16:20-16:30: Discussion
16:30-17:00: Break / e-posters
17:00-18:30: Symposium 5: IFCC Young Scientists Task force Session: Young scientists confronting COVID-19 pandemic

                        Moderators: Mohamed Yassine Kaabar (Tunisia), Pradeep Kumar Dabla (India), Rami S.H Assaad Khalil (Egypt)
          17:00-17:20: Young scientists’ opportunities during COVID-19 pandemic
                                  Santiago Fares Taie (Argentina)
          17:20-17:40: COVID-19 infodemic, misinformation and fake news: What can young scientists do?
                                  Giulia Sancesario (Italy)
          17:40-18:00: C-Reactive Protein and procalcitonin: biomarkers for severity, treatment and prognosis of COVID-19
                                  Jitender Sharma (India)
          18:00-18:20: Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on packed red blood cell units’ supply in a Tunisian blood deposit
                                  Emna Hammami (Tunisia)
18:20-18:30: Discussion


Staurday, February 20th, 2021

09:00-09:30: Plenary lecture 4: Targeted therapies and companion diagnostic tests
                        Guillaume Herbreteau (France)
                        Moderators: Lamia Torjemene (Tunisia), Mehdi Dridi (Tunisia)
09:30-10:00: Plenary lecture 5: Late hemolytic reaction and transfused-related hyperhemolysis in sickle cell disease

                        France Pirenne (France)
                        Moderators: Fethi Mellouli (Tunisia), Saloua Yaacoub Jemni (Tunisia), Slama Hmida (Tunisia), Sonia Mahjoub (Tunisia)
10:00-10:30: Break / e-posters
10:30-12:00: Symposium 6: News on the diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndromes

                        Moderators: Ali Bouslama (Tunisia), Sana Ouali (Tunisia), Vincent Sapin (France)
          10:30-10:55: Novelties in clinical diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes
                                  Majed Hassine (Tunisia)
          10:55-11:20: Novelties in biological diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes
                                  Fadoua Neffati (Tunisia), Rahma Mahjoub (Tunisia)
          11:20-11:45: Treating better thanks to genes: pharmacogenetics of acenocoumarol and statins
                                  Asma Omezzine (Tunisia)
          11:45-12:00: Discussion
10:30-12:00: Symposium 7: Professional symposium: The new nomenclature of medical biology tests in Tunisia

                        Moderators: Haifa Sanhaji (Tunisia), Naoufel Nabli (Tunisia), Slama Hmida (Tunisia)
          10:30-10:50: Presentation of the project
                                  Rabah Blibech (Tunisia)
          10:50-12:00: Discussion
12:00-14:00: Break / e-posters
14:00-14:30: Plenary lecture 6: Physiopathological mechanisms of thrombotic events linked to COVID-19

                        Amenallah Nasr (Tunisia), Mouna Sassi (Tunisia)
                        Moderators: Houda Kaabi (Tunisia), Mondher Kortas (Tunisia),Sami Guermazi (Tunisia)
14:30-17:00: General Assembly of the STBC
17:00          : Conference closing and announcement of the best poster prize